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How it all began and our goal

 I was watching “Babe The Pig” when I noticed the dogs from the movie, I was only 5 years old, and didn’t know the breed yet. But I fell in love with those black and white dogs. I would never imagined that watching a movie would totally changed my life… And so I started studying everything about them, the genetics, breeders, common diseases, and much more. I spoke with a lot of breeders and I had the best mentors to start my breeding program. 

At the age of 14, I convinced my mother, and finally my dream came true! I was getting my first Border Collie! My first dog was Pandora. When she was born I had the privilege to watch it, I was there in her first breath and tried to be present all the time while she was growing up. I joined her development until the day I brought her home. Pandora was the founder of my Kennel, I started this path with her.


Me & Pandora in 2006


" Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

                                    - Roger Caras

We live in a farm located in Cascais, our dogs live at home, where they are born and raised in a family environment, being socialized from a very young age.

In order to make my socialization work more effective, I take my dogs every day to walk on beaches, parks etc, so that they are used to the greatest number of situations that may be subject.

At home, they have contact with some animals such as cats, chickens, sheep and horses, etc ...

I am very proud to say that I raise my dogs as children. Providing them with a life full of love and affection.

My goal in breeding is to raise healthy dogs. All my breeders are tested for hip, elbow and shoulder dysplasia and also the most common genetic diseases of the breed, such as

CEA, CL, TNS, Glaucoma, Hiplaxity 1, Hiplaxity 2, IGS, Caninine Malignant Hypertherm, PLL, Cystinuria Type II,

Sensory Neuropathy and Raine Symdrome

All my dogs are suitable for activities that new owners want to do with them.

I look in my lines for a good balance between beauty and intelligence capable of being a versatile dog and capable of doing any job.

We always like to keep in touch with the dogs that leave our house, because for us they will always be part of the big family that is the Bealtaine affix. Anyone who chooses to purchase a dog from our affix has a new family guaranteed, and can count on us for any questions.

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